Margaret River, Western Australia

My Dad and I went to Margaret River last week. We were only able to fit in a 1 night stay in our busy schedule so we used it as a taste tester to see what it was like and plan a longer trip next time.

MR is about a 3 hour drive from Perth. The trip wasn’t so bad for me as I drove from Perth to Mandurah to pick dad up (1hr) then we stopped to visit relatives in Bunbury (1hr) then we also stopped in Busselton so that is about 30mins, and another 30 mins onto MR.

On the drive down we stopped at the Equinox cafe which you can read more about here.. (It was delicious!).

In MR we stayed at the Margaret River guest house run by Pete & Debbie. Unfortunately they were out of town so we didn’t get to meet them but Sue was there to greet us and offer a lovely afternoon tea :) the place is amazing so beautiful! and it is a very warm and inviting atmosphere. Here are some pictures of the amazing garden:



It was already getting late into the afternoon by the time we arrived and so we went into town for a little look-see and saw where the pools were and some shops. We then went to Settlers Tavern for dinner. first we ordered bruschetta which arrived very fast and was VERY good.


Dad ordered a curry which he said was awesome and I had a burger which delicious (although yet again another restaurant that doesn’t fully cook their mince!).



Settlers Tavern Margaret River on Urbanspoon

After dinner we went to Civic Video to see if they would let us rent a movie, and they did! You have to sign up for a temporary account and if you don’t return the dvd they charge your credit card. This is a pretty good system considering how many people must stop past for a trip, so keep that in mind if you go there :)

The next morning we had a lovely cup of tea in the beautiful gardens. we left early to go to the pools but then decided we were feeling a little too lazy to jump into the chilly waters so headed off to Dome instead for a nice hot chocolate :) We then walked up and down the main street looking into the gift shops, and went to the fudge store where you can see people making fudge and buy a milkshake if you like!. Everyone was so friendly, it really feels like a nice community.

After our walk we decided that we would make our trip back to Perth. If we could have stayed another night it would have been better to see some of the wineries and other shops around (like the berry farm).

On the way out of town, 17km down the road is the chocolate factory. its very delicious but is absolutely tourist trap. The counter staff are not very friendly at all :(


Margaret River Chocolate Co. Cafe on Urbanspoon

We then stopped back in Busselton and went to Simmos cafe. For something right on the foreshore its looks very run down. From there we got a $7 ham and salad roll (it was very yummmy!). I didn’t get to stop at the bakery so on the way home went past the miami bakery :) and got a brownie and some sourdough bread which is very good.

Overall we had an awesome time away but it was very quick! We will definitely be back for a longer stay :)

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2 responses to “Margaret River, Western Australia

  1. Great Blog hopefully you can plan that longer trip and next time we can catch up, Too bad you missed out on brekky, Sue cooks up a mean meal :-)

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