Equinox Cafe (Busselton)

Last week my dad and I went down to Margaret River, which I will tell you all about shortly, but on the way there we stopped to have lunch at the Equinox Cafe in Busselton. The cafe is located right near the Jetty and has great views of the ocean.

We were greeted by the friendly staff and allowed to pick a table wherever we liked (at 1pm on a Wednesday it wasn’t very busy). Dad and I both ordered the fish and chips with a lemon lime and bitters. It was deeelicious! Very good quality fish and the salad was scrumptious. I think they used a vinaigrette dressing I’m not sure but actually wanted to eat all my greens ;)

The Entertainment card gets you one meal free, so the total costs for both our meals was only $35, saving us $28 (the total cost of one fish and chips). This means we have now saved a total of $206


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