George Foreman Mix & Go Blender


In the boxing day sales I decided to purchase the George Foreman Mix & Go Blender. It looked really awesome as it is like a bullet blender but it attaches itself to the bottles so you can literally mix and go! I also liked the fact that you can easily pull apart and access the blade because my old traditional blender was hard to wash and it kept getting strawberry seeds stuck down the side :(

Now like I said I ordered it during the boxing day sales, yet I’ve only just been able to make my first smoothie.. frustrating! The store I brought it from (which shall remain nameless…) allowed me to purchase it online and took my money and then said they didn’t have any stock ?! Then by the time they finally sent it to me, it took 2 attempts for them to deliver on the right day -_-

Anyway its here now, and better late than never! I am very pleased with my purchase. The bottles are good quality and the blending mechanism locks into place tight. I was able to blend up ice and frozen mango very easily, and my spinach was pulp in no time. After you blend just take the blade off and rinse then stick a lid right on top!

I had read reviews that the motor gives up after a short period of time, but for $40 I am not too worried. You can also buy replacement bottles and lids for $9 which is great so you can create lots of smoothies, or you could re-use the two bottles with a new machine if it came to that. Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase!

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