Catch 22 (Dolphin Quay, Mandurah)

Today I went down to Mandurah for my birthday lunch, and chose Catch 22 from the Entertainment book to try.

It is located at Dolphin Quay and so I thought it would be more like a cafe style place but it is actually pretty fancy. We didn’t make a reservation which we probably should have, but luckily there was a table available for us!

First up we ordered tea for the table. It was quite cold today and we needed something to warm us up. I thought it could have been warmer inside the place but once our food arrived it didn’t bother me.

For our mains my dad and I ordered the barramundi, my mum ordered porterhouse steak and chips and my brother also ordered steak but with mash potato and spinach. The menu has an eclectic array of items like duck and squid but they also serve some pizzas if you want something a little more casual.

The barramundi was DELICIOUS, I was very happy with it. The way they served it puzzled me tho, it arrived on a small wooden board (chopping board?) with the chips piled up, and the salad leaves in a small bowl. I could hardly maneuver my food around the plate and ended up losing quite a few chips overboard! It would have been so much easier to eat on a proper plate. We mentioned this to the waitress and she seemed to agree, maybe management will take that on (wooden) board one day ;)

I tried a little piece of mum’s steak and it tasted delightful :). My brothers mash also looked delicious although he was not happy with them “hiding” the spinach under the steak haha :) I am sorry I don’t have any photos to share we were too busy digging into our food :)

Since it was my birthday meal we wanted to try their desserts.. OMG best ever.. I would just go there again just for coffee and cake. We were also assured that all desserts are made by scratch on the premises. Dad ordered the sticky date pudding which was a huge serving, and came with cream and dates. The rest of us got the pistachio brownie.. yummmm!! it comes covered with a rich chocolate ganache, ice cream and marshmallows. The brownie is full of nuts which makes it crunchy like a hedgehog slice and the chocolate is soo rich. I managed to get a picture of the desert before it was gobbled up –



For four people the total came to $206, our voucher gave us 25% off up to a total of $40 so we maxed out our voucher :). This now takes our Entertainment Book savings to over 100 to $106.90 !

Being right near Dolphin Quay, it means after our meal we could go for a nice stroll around the markets. My favourite store is the one jam packed with trinkets like Settler Bears, snow globes and picture frames :)

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