San Churros & Burger Bistro (Leederville)

Yesterday we ended up back in Leederville so we could see Before Midnight. I wont review the movie here, but Films with Cappie does a really great job of saying what I would say anyway ;)

Before the movie we went to Burger Bistro for something to eat. Although it is a burger place, the inside looks fancier than some restaurants I have been to. The service and presentation are equally as classy. I ordered a Captain America burger which comes with cheese, mustard, and pickles. The great thing about Burger bistro is their spelt sourdough buns. They taste just like a regular bun but are FODMAP friendly and they are the standard bun, you don’t have to feel like a wierdo ordering something different than everyone else. The meat patties are also just ground beef and seasoning, there is no fillers or onion powder that also helps.

555198_10153036949830593_628685989_nThey also sell these strange mexican lime drinks which are AMAZING.


After the movies we went to San Churros (all of these places are almost next door to each other). We used our Entertainment Voucher which is buy one churros get one free.


I also got the most amazing sundae ever. Their ice cream is so delicious and creamy. So good in fact I couldn’t eat it all! luckily Ben was there to polish it off for me. The churros were good but I don’t think I would order them again compared to everything else on the menu.


The free serving of churros is worth $8.95 so all together now we have saved $66.90 with our book

I ended up having a great day and highly recommend both places, I will definitely be making a trip back to Burger Bistro asap. A tip for people going during the week, there is better parking a block down the road near the TAFE, which is only $1/hour for as long as you need. The parking behind the IGA is max 2 hours during the week which we didn’t realise til we had already parked.

Chocolateria San Churro Leederville on Urbanspoon

The Burger Bistro on Urbanspoon

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