Sienas of Leederville (Leederville, Italian)

Tonight we went to the Revelation Film Festival screening of London: The Modern Babylon.

As it finished at 6pm we were after a quick bite to eat so we went to Siena’s in Leederville.

I have to admit I was not blown away by the food. The garlic bread was good but it is hard to stuff that up. The chips were barely cooked, still white and my eggplant parmigiana was literally just eggplant and a tomato sauce with some cheese dumped on a plate. Not even a hint of salad on the side.. for $22 you should really be getting something more. Ben ordered pizza which seemed pretty tasty, although instead of a meat-lovers it should have been called a meat-likers..


Now I have to say the service was good and very fast, our food arrived almost instantly. The decor is very Italian, however there are dents in the wall and an insane amount of black dust on the ceiling.. While the place is trying to be charming, but I was just left with a bad impression overall… I would possibly go back once more and give a pasta dish a go but for the chips & eggplant moosh I cannot recommend.

Our total saving was $15.10 for two people which is pretty decent.

Including George’s Meze, and Fast Eddy’s we have now saved $57.95 using our Entertainment Book.

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