Georges Meze (Subiaco, Greek)

We recently purchased an Entertainment book and so I plan to track exactly how much savings we make from it, as well as review all the new places to eat (at a discount!)

I had actually already made a booking at Georges Meze in Subiaco and was delighted to see it was in the book! So I got to try out my gold card for the first time today.

The restaurant is in a great location, with plenty of parking right at the door. The interior is very lovely, and we chose a seat outside which feels like it could be somebodies courtyard at home :)

There is a huge selection of drinks, wines and spirits although we went for lemon lime and bitters (my personal favourite!) They were very good, not too sweet.

999260_10152947027590593_603068824_nThere is plenty to chose from on the menu which you can view in advance on their website.

We decided to go for a shared lunch and got a huge tasting plate, as well as some meatballs, potato balls and onion rings.


The tasting plate above is for two people and costs $60. It comes with a greek salad, bread, a rice stuffed tomato, pita bread, onion rings, spinach filo pastry, grilled haloumi, stuffed button mushrooms, potato balls, marinated capsicum, artichokes, mushrooms and olives, stuffed capsicum, garlic houmous.. and probably a few other things I cannot even remember :)

Everything was absolutely delicious, with lots of flavour and a few spicy things too. There were 3 of us and there was still quite a lot left over, it could have easily fed 4 people.

The total bill came to $115 and so with the Entertainment card giving me 25% off, it only cost $86. That is less than $30 per person including a drink, and like I said it could have easily fed a 4th person too.

So far my total Entertainment club savings is $28.85

Georges’ is also just around the corner from Chokeby Road :)


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