White Kit Kat Cake

After the success of my previous kit kat cake, I decided for mothers day I would create a white chocolate version. I settled on green m&m’s as green is my mums favourite colour :)

This time around I had the luxury to take plenty photos, so I will try to take you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Purchase the supplies

step 1

You will need 1 cake (made or store bought), enough kit kats to surround the cake (I used 2 family blocks), and around 300g of m&ms. You will also need a piece of ribbon or string.

Step 2:

My cakes edges weren’t very flat so I decided to trim to give the kit kats a flat surface to stick to.

step 2

I also decided not to add more icing to the edges, and relied on the ribbon to keep the kit kats in place. This worked until we started to cut the cake when it all fell apart! :) I would recommend making sure there is enough sticky icing covering the entire cake.

step 3

Step 3:

Figure out the size of the kit kats. When using the block, a whole row is way too tall (unless you use a very tall cake with many layers!)step 4 too high

and then unfortunately for me, half a row was too short!!! oh dear…step 5 too short

I decided to trim this much off the entire bottom of the cake…step 6 cut some off

Which made the height of the kit kats just right :)step 7 just right

Step 4:

Carry on cutting and placing the kit kat pieces. As I mentioned before I used two family blocks to surround this cake.step 8 keep cutting step 9 place around the edge

Step 5:

Place the ribbon around the cake, and tie up tight. Make sure the ribbon is centered and not too low or high.

step 10 tie ribbon

Step 6:

Add the m&ms !

Step 11 colours

I decided I didn’t like the white m&ms from this bag because it clashed with the cream colour of the kit kat. After removing the white m&ms this is the final product..

Step 12

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